What value is there in being on Twitter?

What value is there in being on Twitter?

A self-confessed ‘dinosaur’ asked me this question a couple of days ago. It occurred to me that, if one person I know is wondering this, it’s likely there are others of you who feel the same. Perhaps it’s one of those questions you don’t want to ask because you feel like everyone else already knows and you’re the only one in doubt.

I’d be surprised if that were the case.

Why is Twitter important?

Twitter’s view on this

Where better to start than, checking out what Twitter has to say on what businesses gain from twitter. They suggest that you should be there to:


  • Listen to your clients or potential clients in real-time. You’re then able to contribute to the conversation wherever you can add value
  • Increase the awareness and profile of your brand.
  • Provide timely customer service
  • Connect with influencers, new potential clients, and brand advocates


Everyone else’s views on this

The ubiquitous ‘they’ say being on Twitter:

  • Offers you the chance to share your content (blogs, videos, case studies, presentations etc.) with a wider audience
  • Boosts your website SEO (It really does, ask me how @anthonyjohns0n)
  • Drives traffic to your website (See Optiweb Blogs)
  • Gives you instant feedback (good or bad)

It’s worth remembering that even if you aren’t representing your brand on Twitter, others are representing it for you. If you’re not there, you don’t know what’s being said and you definitely aren’t able to influence the conversation. This matters because:

58% consumers check online reviews before buying.

74% of consumers rely on social media to guide purchasing decisions.

60% of consumers interact on social media with the brands they buy from.

Being on Twitter will offer you value but it will take more than signing up and hoping for the best.

How do I get maximum value from twitter?

  • Have a strategy

You might try to skip this but DON’T be tempted to do so. You need to set yourself some objectives and clearly identify what success would look like and these should be based on your business objectives. This ensures that twitter works to support your overall goals.

  • Research

Identify where your existing or target clients are (and if you aren’t sure where to start with that, check our guide), pinpoint the relevant and popular hashtags for your content and search out your industry influencers (we’ve got a recommendation to help with this).

  • Create a plan

Consistency matters so spend some time thinking about what content you’re going to share and create a plan around this ensuring you have a mixture of links, text, video, and imagery.

  • Integrate

Just ‘doing twitter’ isn’t going to bring maximum success: it needs to complement your other online and offline marketing or PR activity.

  • Engage rather than broadcast

It’s called social media for a reason: it’s about 2-way interaction. This includes asking questions, answering questions, liking, retweeting, running competitions, chatting during hashtags hour, creating polls, sharing quality content.

  • Measure

Track how you’re doing against your objectives so it’s worthwhile, when setting your targets, ensuring that you’ve got a reliable method to track progress. Twitter has some good analytics and, if you’re using one of the many tools out there to schedule your tweet, they all have good metrics built into them.

  • Refine

When you find out what works best for you, do more of it and try it make it even more effective.

And, with all those points, the most important point to remember is...get help if it really isn’t your thing and you decide to do it. It doesn’t even have to be our help you get but it probably should be. After all, if we didn’t believe in what we did, who would?!

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