A 325% increase in web traffic in 1 mind-blowingly simple move!

A 325% increase in web traffic in 1 mind-blowingly simple move


Sorry to deny you the chance to increase your web traffic by 325% but using some blatant clickbait seemed like the best way to illustrate the true purpose of this blog: the power of titles in making sure your blogs work as hard as they need to for you. It’s also a reminder about the dangers of sometimes taking the information found in blogs at face value as, after all, there is quite often a sales-related agenda behind them.


The power of headlines and titles


Understanding the how content titles can be leveraged for maximum behavior not only helps you make your own content be more effective but it also helps you make better decisions on which information you should take notice of when searching online.

Using this to maximum effect


  1. Tactical advantage

If you’re creating content, it needs to play as nicely with Google as it does with the people reading the blog. If you’re committing to creating content as part of your marketing efforts, you need to make sure that you’re getting the maximum exposure for it so this includes:


  • Picking one relevant keyword
  • Creating and optimising the blog content around that keyword
  • Sharing the content numerous times across social media along with recreating a slightly amended version of the content on sites such as LinkedIn or Medium.


  1. User engagement

You will only have the title to capture the attention of the reader before they scroll past it so it needs to be:


  • Interesting
  • Resonating with the intended audience.


For example, your keyword focus might be ‘responsive websites’ but simply calling your blog ‘responsive websites’ is pointless because it sounds really dull and it doesn’t link to a specific need in your target audience. Are you targeting people who need a responsive website? People who build responsive websites? Is it about trends? New techniques?


The reader won’t do the hard work for you and click to find out if it useful just in case. They’ll scroll down and read one of the thousands of other blogs on the same topic instead.


This will also help with Google as it assesses social media shares too in determining the quality/authority of content.



  1. Be genuine

The internet is groaning under the weight of the amount of content generated every 60 seconds. Whatever content you put out there, it’s fighting for people’s attention and a surefire way to ensure you resonate with people is to be authentic in the content you create. It needs to fit with who you (and your company) truly are and should offer positive benefits to the reader.


  1. Brand advocacy

If you’re creating great content and optimising it for the widest possible audience, you’ll find that other people then start sharing your content for you allowing you to organically broaden your audience and your authority. We all know the power of word of mouth referrals.


If you want a suggestion for a tool that can help with title generation, check out our insider tip.

Understanding the steps a company takes to ensure their content reaps maximum rewards for them 6 overlooked ways to make visitors enjoy your website

If you’re thinking of engaging their services, find someone else to ask about the work the company has done for them. If you fancy it, you can start by checking us out.


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