ICYMI: the highlights and lowlights July – digital marketing

ICYMI: the highlights and lowlights from the last month in digital marketing


With how much that can just happen to digital marketing in one internet minute, if you blink at the digital sphere, there could be untold goodies that you’re missing out on. We thought we’d do you favour and recap for you to make sure you hadn’t missed any of the big changes in the last month.


Highlights from the world of digital marketing


Facebook messenger reaches a BILLION users


This month Facebook announced that Messenger has now reached a billion users. To mark the occasion, Facebook shared a number of statistics about the service:


  • The most downloaded sticker pack for Facebook Messenger is from The Angry Birds Movie
  • Facebook Messenger users send 22 million animated GIFs per day – an average of 254 GIFs per second
  • There have been 1.2 billion games of Basketball played within Facebook Messenger – the equivalent of 975,000 NBA seasons if you count all of the games played between all of the teams
  • Facebook Messenger users have played 250 million games of football in the app (NB: Facebook called it Soccer but we corrected them. You’re welcome, Mark)
  • 360 million Valentines were sent in the Facebook Messenger app and 300 million flower stickers were sent on Mother’s Day

Pokémon Go exploded everywhere


Literally everywhere. I was out on Saturday and here’s the tally of my conversations with strangers within 1 hour:

Pokémon-related conversations with strangers: 4

Non-Pokémon-related conversations with strangers: 0

It’s a cultural unifier that is bringing everyone together.


And it can be beneficial to your marketing efforts.


Instagram launches its Business Tools

The unsurprising and widely anticipated changes to Instagram since they were acquired by Facebook have begun. You’ve probably seen far more of the recommendations and an increase in the number of sponsored posts lately and to get more of us businesses using the latter, Instagram has just launched its Business Tools.


This gives you access to:

  • Business profiles - separating out businesses from individuals.
  • Insights - giving better intel on what is and isn’t working for you.
  • Promoting popular posts to ads - so when something resonates with your followers, you can share it more widely.

Twitter widens its verification scheme

The widely reviled blue tick on Twitter is now available to us mere mortals as Twitter have just announced that they’re automating and speeding up the process of verifying accounts.

Lowlights from the world of digital marketing


Given our love of digital marketing, this list is only ever going to shorter than the list of highlights because, frankly, most of the digital world is a highlight for us!


Facebook changes its newsfeed algorithm


The change in the algorithm is to prioritise content from friends and family over the content any shared by brands. As a Facebook user, this is probably very welcome. As a marketer on Facebook, it will now be even more difficult for you to get your content seen by your followers.


Maybe time to re-focus your efforts on Twitter?


Twitter widens its verification scheme

I know...a bit of a cliche to add the same item to the highlights and lowlights list but I’m sure you’ll see my point. On the one hand, this is a good thing. However, as massive Twitter fans, moves like this worry us that Twitter is getting too desperate to make improvements because they’re pushing through something that ultimately won’t make a blind bit of difference.


Struggling to keep pace with the rate of change? Not sure where to start for the best? This is where we can be really useful. Get in touch or tweet me @anthonyjohns0n.

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