Are you making the most of online business marketing?

Are you making the most of online business marketing?

Unless you’ve been somewhere that doesn’t have the internet or people or news, you will have heard of Pokémon Go and making the most of online business marketing.

It is everywhere. People are playing it everywhere (even in countries where it hasn’t been officially released yet) and it’s had more downloads than the Tinder app.

The extent of its popularity can be summed up by Jeff Weiner’s post on LinkedIn this weekend:


It’s for everyone; irrespective of age. Even if you’re personally not keen on playing it yourself or if you’re fed up with hearing about it, there’s still plenty of scope to leverage its popularity to support your local business advertising.

How does Pokémon Go work?

It’s a 90s nostalgia throwback game merged with some modern Augmented Reality tech. Using the GPS on your phone, you hunt pokemon to train and then battle. The great aspect of this cult game is that it gets all the gamers out of the house and, potentially, into your business.

Using Pokémon Go to your advantage

1.    As a business, embrace it.

Given the way that the game works around certain hotspot locations (poké-stops, gyms), it’s likely that you’ll find large groups of people gathering together in one place.

You can either get annoyed about this or use it to your advantage: view them as potential shoppers or influencers to your brand.

Market a specific message to them and engage with them - you’ll create a bond between your brand and them as you’ll appear to be on the same wavelength. After all, the most effective marketing is P2P aka Person-to-Person.

2.    Drop a lure to attract trainers

If you’re running a cafe or coffee shop, this could be a really effective way to bring in trade during your lull period. Buy some lures (which costs as little as $1) to attract pokémon to your establishment and this will bring in trainers looking to catch them.

They’ll want to stay for a while to see how many they can catch, which means they’ll need to be buying your food and drink. It’s a win:win as they trainers get somewhere warm and dry to hunt and you get customers.

3.    Offer trainers what they need - battery power!

The game drains your phone battery like no other app you’ve ever downloaded. Trainers need a regular top-up of charge to keep playing so why not set-up a charging station and advertise it for the use of your customers? Or, if you fancy being more entrepreneurial about it, charge for it!

4.    Find out if you’ve got a rare pokémon near your business

A bit like the original game, some pokémon are harder to find than others with Pikachu being the hardest of all to find. If you’ve got a rare one hanging out near your business, shout about it from the rooftops and watch the footfall increase quickly and significantly.

The trainers are a dedicated bunch: a friend told me that their son had walked 18km in one day this week hunting them!

5.    Join in the conversation

Play the game long enough to snap a shot of you with a pokémon (it won’t take long to find one) and share it on your social media. There’s always value in being part of the online conversation about these cult items.

Looking for other innovative approaches for your marketing?

Get in touch or tweet me @anthonyjohns0n. We’re big fans of using digital marketing to the max and, in fact, we think Digital Marketing is Sweeter than Christmas Morning.

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