social etiquette 1. Dont spam your followers’ feeds

Dont spam your followers’ feeds

The best way to avoid being told dont spam your followers’ feeds is to build your interactions gain high quality connections and have real engagement is in equal parts , a bit like BNI, givers gain. so in social media terms,  means keeping your social channels active without spamming your followers’ feeds.

Am I posting at the right time?

Figure out the best times for engagement on your social media channels without spamming your followers’ feeds, and post at those times, with a maximum frequency of only one message per hour (unless something interesting comes up).

Which media platforms?

Disperse messaging across different channels to maintain all your social media consistently to avoid neglecting an account. A social media content calendar for all of your social channels can help you avoid any gaps, and pick the best types of content to share with your followers.

Social media images

One of the main reasons for engaging with your social media connections it to get them back to your website, try giving free advice, search for people talking on social media about issues they have that you can help them with.

Free can turn into revenue.

I have found a large percentage of the time, after I have given free advice, the person I'm helping understands what it is they need better, and then ask us to take them on as a client to help.

Dont spam your followers’ feeds any good to you?

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