What is SEO? and how do I do it successfully?

SEO is more than just link building and well written content so What is SEO?

Having a professional SEO company look at the structure of your website is a must if you really want to make sure that search engines rank your website at the highest level. But here is a guide as to what to look for if you want to see for yourself.

If your website's pages contain certain errors, search engines (mainly Google) will pick up on the errors and flag them.

See if your website has any critical issues

Critical errors will have an immediate effect on the rankings of your website on Search engines, Broken links are the main cause.

Most websites have broken links. If you update your web pages frequently, you may find broken links that need addressing.


Hosting errors are another issue, the cheapest servers are not always the best. Use UK hosting from a reputable company, preferably with a instant support facility via chat or local rate phone number, last resort a fast response ticketing system.

Server errors can cause major problems with search engines. Slow loading pages can be overlooked by the search engines and some not even indexed.This also delivers a bad customer journey.


Your website pages have to communicate with the search engine and your visitor, not having titles on your pages or duplicate titles can cause the most important of your pages not to show in search also.

There are tools out there to check this for free, but they will not fix the issue.


So your website has no critical issues, but still not ranking?


There are many influencing factors to ranking on search, you really need to go to town on your pages content and the message you want to deliver.


One major issue for people is page content and the pages themselves being duplicated or even being very similar to each other, there is no penalty for duplicate content, but one page will usually be chosen to be displayed to the visitors search and the other give no or very little rank.

Website Pages

Web pages with no content or little text content won't get high rankings, also very importantly check the spelling.

If your web pages are linked with and without www, and with both http and https, there can be canonical URL problems. Ask your server provider to make the changes, they are usually happy to do so or get a pro to add a canonical attribute .


Some website designers accidentally block search engine robots. If a web page blocks search engine robots, it cannot get high rankings.

A very high click depth can be an indicator that people cannot find a page easily. Web pages that aren't easy to find should not contain important content.


Temporary redirects are very common, these can cause problems as do pages with to many out bound links.

There has be a lot said about the websites meta description and if it influences rankings, but never the less this is still very important, this is the wording that shows in the search bellow your title, your visitors will use this as a quick reference as to whether your site is the one they need. Also a duplicate meta tag will flag the page as poor quality.

Websites can always be improved!


The information above will help you on your way to having a high ranking website, there are many more factors that you can find on my other posts.


Here is a list of other issues to look out for.


Redirect same URL

Upper case URLs

Rel. link to domain

Canonical URL used

Meta Robots None

Meta NoFollow

Meta NoIndex

Meta NoSnippet

Anchor text wasted

H1 tag keyword

H1 tag empty

H1 tag missing

H1 tag wasted

Image problems

Perm. redirect (301)

Other redirect (303)

Temp. redirect (307)

Forbidden (403)


Checking these things will make sure that your web pages are optimised.

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