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Social Media company in Coventry

Social Media design & Management from £150

You know the buzz word is Social Media and you also know your business needs it. But you not sure where to begin? Even after that seminar you attended to find out more, your realised your to busy to add a new job to the list of things you already do to continue with running your own business.

Well that’s where we come in, we offer a total Social Media setup and management package that takes care of all this for you.
We will set up your media platforms and create a listening post to monitor your audience and competitors key terms.

We then write posts and design call to action images posting daily creating a buzz and reason for people to find out more about your business.

We look out for peolpe searching for your product or services and engage with your audience on your behalf.
Our team of qualified marketers create and manage all of this for you. Leaving you to continue with what you do best!

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