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Skills and Tools You Need to Be a Better Angular Developer

Years back, knowing one tech skill meant job security for a long time. But now, you need more than just coding to develop software. This is super true in the front-end web development scenario.

To rock as an Angular developer, you need a bunch of skills. Your team will dig into your apps if you use them in the right ways. So, check out these must-have tools and skills to crush it as an Angular developer.

Top 5 Tools Needed To Be A Good Angular Developer

1. HTML and CSS

Knowing Angular is key. It speeds up responsive web design development. This is handy for building single-page apps. When it comes to the browser, crafting the user interface is a must. HTML, or Hypertext markup language, helps lay out a webpage. CSS, or cascading style sheet, presents the HTML elements and dictates how web pages look.

You don’t have to be a pro in these languages. Knowing them well will aid in creating a website that works. So, using HTML and CSS for web design lets developers boost how things look and work, like UX ideas.

2. Typescript

Angular web development relies on TypeScript. This is a better version of JavaScript. Most websites use JavaScript. But Angular takes it to the next level with TypeScript support. The benefits are clear: TypeScript slashes errors and helps build super-fast websites.

So, it lets customers create and customise their apps and sites exactly how they want. That’s because TypeScript adjusts to their needs. Knowing TypeScript means you’re a pro at writing code. You’ll be a whiz with variables and functions.

Finally, the best part? TypeScript helps keep massive web projects organised, thanks to its clever layout.

3. RxJS

Reactive extensions like JavaScript libraries help you code. Knowing RxJS makes building apps a whole lot easier. It’s helpful for website development with Angular, especially when creating visualizations.

RxJS also helps you deal with AJAX requests and responses. Angular uses RxJS features like observables. So, this creates APIs that can listen and respond to user feedback.

RxJS makes it easy to grab data with HTTP requests. Employers love¬† hiring developers who are pros at using RxJS – hence, it’s a major skill to have!

4. NPM

NPM, or Node Package Manager, is a handy tool for developers. When using node.js, Angular developers take advantage of NPM tools. This installs tons of other web development goodies. NPM is like a superhero for managing JavaScript packages. This allows you to run JavaScript beyond your web browser.

Therefore, it’s key to know how to get those NPM packages installed. Also, mastering the commands to build awesome web apps is a game-changer. Getting the hang of NPM can make you stand out from the crowd.

5. Angular CLI

The Angular CLI tools help the Angular developer in many ways. This allows them to launch, run, manage Angular applications and also helps Angular developers by reducing the way they write code.

The benefits of the CLI help build new applications. You can use it to add new features, modules, and services to an existing application. This allows you to follow Angular coding guidelines. Finally, knowledge of CLI reduces hours of typing every line of code.

Skills Needed To Be A Good Angular Developer

  • Time Management

Developers who work with Angular have to meet strict deadlines. That means they need to break down each project phase. This must be into manageable chunks with clear timelines.

You can’t afford to fall behind. To stay on track, you need to estimate how long each phase will take. Strong time management skills help you complete every step on schedule.

Most employers want to hire people who can manage their time well. So, tasks get done on time. Good time management means planning. It also means setting goals, prioritizing tasks, and being flexible. Finally, it helps you wrap up tasks and boost productivity at work.

  • Communication Skills

Part of your workday includes producing documents and publications during the development process. So, employers prefer candidates with strong written and verbal skills.

Many employers understand the importance of communication skills. Poor communication can be more expensive than coding errors. Miscommunication leads to errors and can reduce customer relationships and wait for projects.

  • Testing and Debugging

This helps assess the viability and functionality of the code they produce. So, it is important to know and fix errors through this procedure. An Angular developer can run functional unit tests. So, this helps understand whether a piece of code works.

Many Angular developers debug their code while writing. So, this ensures website performance during the testing stage. Testing Mochajs, Karma, and Jasmine can add value to an Angular developer.

  • Empathy

Empathy involves understanding and feeling the experiences of others. Employers want employees who are sympathetic to technical roles like Angular developers. This helps build strong human relationships with their teammates.

Every step of the project requires empathy from the Angular developer. These skills gather project requirements. It moreover creates maintainable code. Empathy enables the developer to write code with proper documentation. Practising empathy at work can help you be a superhero for your team and users.


The growing need for dynamic web applications will demand Angular developers. Angular is the most reliable framework for cross-platform front-end development. You might leverage the Best Angular frameworks to build robust web applications. Therefore, learning these skills can identify a good Angular developer.

Focus on developing your skills. Finally, only the sky can be the growth limit for Angular development.


About Author:
Harikrishna Kundariya, a marketer, developer, IoT, ChatBot & Blockchain savvy, designer, co-founder, Director of eSparkBiz  Technologies. His 12+ years of experience enables him to provide digital solutions to new start-ups based on IoT and SaaS applications.